New ARMA II expansion announced

Written by Joe Martin

August 14, 2009 | 12:35

Tags: #arma-2 #army #military #milsim #operation-arrowhead #simulator

Companies: #bohemia-interactive

ARMA II may have only just come out, but that doesn't mean that the developers aren't plunging forward with their plans for the game with an almost military-like discipline and speed - as evidenced by the news of an expansion pack just weeks after the original release.

Announced today by developer Bohemia Interactive, details on the expansion are currently pretty slim, but we don know that more information will be available at GamesCom in Cologne. We'll be covering the event in detail, so we'll definitely try to bring you whatever details we can next week.

What we do know though is that the expansion will be called Operation Arrowhead and that it'll be a fairly hefty expansion to the game, introducing an entirely new landmass for players to play on, as well as the usual extra content - new weapons, missions and vehicles.

The new region is called Takistan and should offer a bunch of exciting new play options for anyone that can navigate all the bugs and glitches that fans of the title have been reporting.

Glitches weren't something we had a huge problem with when we took a look at the game though, it was more just an issue of learning to cope with the merciless difficulty curve in the game. Check out our in-depth review of ARMA II for more information.

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