New BioShock 2 co-op details surface

Written by Joe Martin

March 13, 2009 | 14:57

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The latest and much-hyped issue of Game Informer may not have hit newstands just yet, but the good news for gamers is that a lot of the news from the article has leaked out and is now being distributed online.

The big news about the upcoming sequel is that it'll feature co-operative gameplay for two players, but there's a lot of other juicy gossip too - like the utter lack of Big Daddies in the game.

According to discussion on the official 2K Games forums, BioShock 2 will definitely be a sequel to the first game, not a prequel. The story begins seven years after the original, with players cast as Jack Abbott - a man whose daughter has been kidnapped and taken to Rapture.

The villain behind the kidnapping is the previously-unveiled Big Sister, of which there's apparently only one, who has somehow managed to replace all the Big Daddies.

The decline of the Big Daddies isn't the only thing that's changed since the first BioShock either, as Rapture is now in an even greater state of ruin than it was before. The whole city is now almost totally flooded, a predicament which has opened up new areas for players to explore as well as changing previously-seen sections of the marine metropolis.

Among the new areas that players will get a chance to visit in the sequel is a zoo filled with Adam-altered animals, as well as sections of the city which are totally underwater and must be navigated in a totally new way. Somewhere along the line you'll also get a chance to fight against a giant squid, which sounds...exciting, we guess?

More details will doubtlessly become available when the magazine goes on sale in April, but until then you can share your own reactions in the forums.

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