New Mass Effect 2 character, DLC announced

Written by Joe Martin

March 12, 2010 | 12:30

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Bioware and Electronic Arts have announced a new pack of downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 is on the way - one which will add a whole new squadmate into the mix.

Dubbed Kasumi's Stolen Memory, the pack will be released on April 6th, according to Joystiq.

The new character in question will be the titular Kasumi, a thief you meet up with on the citadel and who comes with her own weapon, loyalty quest and special ability for players to unlock.

The new loyalty quest will entail a double-cross, art dealer and the use of disguises, but that's all Bioware's been willing to reveal for now. Kasumi's exclusive weapon will be a new Locust SMG, while her ability is a flashbang grenade.

The content won't be free, though there's no word on price just yet - apparently Bioware has yet to decide how much they think it is worth, though the quest alone will offer an extra hour and half of gameplay.

Another new free add-on was released recently too - check the Cerebus Network for access to the new Arc Projector heavy weapon, if you missed it. Head on over to our Mass Effect 2 review if you want to know more, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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