Nvidia hints at game streaming technology

Written by Joe Martin

August 19, 2011 | 23:48

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Nvidia has hinted that it is experimenting with technologies that would allow users to stream their games from PCs to other devices around their homes in a conversation with Bit-Gamer at GamesCom 2011 yesterday.

The Nvidia representative we spoke to wouldn't offer any confirmation or idea of how serious the company was about the idea, but did lay down heavy hints.

'Imagine you're playing Crysis 2 on your PC and you're able to stream it around your home to a tablet device, which you could then plug into your TV if you wanted,' said the Nvidia representative.

When it comes to new technologies like OnLive, people will have the choice to 'pay to stream it over the internet, or do it themselves.'

Is Nvidia ready to announce a new product soon, we asked?

'I didn't say announce,' we were told. 'We're experimenting and that's all I can say.'

The comments came in response to questions about the imminent launch of OnLive in the UK, a new cloud-powered game streaming service due to launch in the UK this September.

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