OnLive and Mad Catz team up for MOJO game streaming

June 5, 2014 | 11:19

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OnLive, the once-troubled game streaming service, and Mad Catz have announced a partnership that will bring triple-A games to the MOJO Micro-Console through an optimised application.

Although OnLive's Android app has been available for some time - bar a brief period when the company went bankrupt and started afresh sans debts and the bulk of its former employees - the latest revision has been developed in partnership with Mad Catz specifically for the company's MOJO Micro-Console system. As a result, OnLive is promising complete compatibility with the console's bundled game controller and the removal of limits previously set on the quality of the video stream.

Like rival game-streaming services, including Nvidia's in-home variant, the OnLive system works by rendering the game content on a remote server and encoding it into a video stream sent to the client device. As a result, there's no need for the client device to have a powerful graphics card or fast processor - allowing humble devices like tablets and the MOJO Micro-Console to play PC titles. For the company's Android app, however, there were previously fixed limits on the quality of the video stream - limits that have now been opened up for user override specifically for the MOJO. Additionally, the app now supports streaming in 720p at 60 frames per second when a device - like, say, the MOJO - is connected to an external display.

'We designed MOJO to a high specification, as we conceived the platform to grow and evolve, encompassing new features and services over time' claimed Darren Richardson, president and chief executive of Mad Catz. 'With the new generation of Cloud Gaming that OnLive heralds, gamers can now play AAA and PC Steam-purchased games in high-definition through their MOJO.'

'One of our best features is that OnLive brings big games to small devices,' added OnLive's Rick Sanchez of the deal. 'We want to be everywhere the gamer wants to play their games, and MOJO from Mad Catz is a perfect fit in every respect. As a micro-console powered by Android, it's powerful beyond its size, and now by installing the optimised OnLive Android app, users have access to the latest AAA games.'

With the new OnLive app installed, MOJO users will have access to around 250 games in the company's PlayPack subscription bundle while its new CloudLift service offers access to titles stored in a user's Steam Library - direct competition for Valve's own In-Home Streaming technology.
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