OnLive works on iPhones too

Written by Joe Martin

November 16, 2009 | 12:18

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OnLive, the cloud computing system for gaming which should allow users to play games regardless of their hardware thanks to some clever new compression techniques, will apparently work on mobile phones too.

That's according to OnLive CEO Steve Perlman, who reportedly demonstrated the system at a Wedbush Morgan financial conference and had OnLive running on multiple systems at once - including iPhones.

"Today, at a Wedbush financial conference in New York I showed OnLive running simultaneously on two iPhones, a TV, and a computer," claimed Perlman according to Joystiq.

OnLive is still a controversial idea in the games industry, with numerous sceptics claiming that the system is not feasible over current internet connections nor financially feasible. OnLive has been demonstrated before the press, however there's been some issues regarding how comparable the demonstrations will be to a final user experience.

"It's important to understand that a cell phone is a very different beast than TV, PC or Mac ... currently, games on OnLive are tuned for TVs and computers, so initially, it's the Community and Social elements of OnLive that we're most excited about on mobile devices," said Perlman.

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