Torment: Tides of Numenera kickstarter funded in six hours

Written by David Hing

March 7, 2013 | 18:10

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The Kickstarter project for InXile Entertainment's spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment has managed to pull in $900,000 in just six hours.

Hitting its funding target in little more than a morning, the Kickstarter page for Torment: Tides of Numenera is currently sat at $1.8m generated by just over 29,000 backers with 29 days left on the clock.

'Our heads are still spinning at the incredible response we have had from today's support of our Kickstarter campaign. We had plans to roll out our stretch goals and to write our Kickstarter updates but never in our wildest dreams did we think we would fund this quickly!' said inXile founder Brian Fargo.

Since being so rapidly funded, the team has worked to detail a series of stretch goals to encourage further funds. For pushing past the $1.5m goal, the project will already feature a richer story with two writers being added to the team.

At the $2m mark, additional music will be composed and an extra companion will be included in the game.

Available pledge packages for the project range from $5 up to $10,000, with six backers already pledging in that upper bracket, gaining access to the game's launch party as well as all the extra features from other packages.

The extras for backers include a cloth map, an art book, a CD of the soundtrack and an entry in the game's credits.

Torment: Tides of Numenera will be a spiritual successor to the fondly remembered Planescape: Torment, although unlike the original will not have the Dungeons & Dragons: Planescape licence behind it.

Torment marks InXile's second major success with Kickstarter as a funding platform. Last year, it successfully funded Wasteland 2 which hit its funding goal of $900,000 in two days and closed on approximately $3m.
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