PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds anti-cheat patch rolled back

March 13, 2018 | 10:18

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PUBG Corporation has rolled back a patch for its popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds battle royale game, following the discovery that the anti-cheat technology it introduced didn't play nicely in the wild.

Released late last week, the patch for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was confirmed as including anti-cheat technology by the company only post-release. 'This update blocks additional cheats and helper programs that alter the graphics or aid in gameplay in some way,' the company explained in the forum. 'We aim to improve and maintain a fair playing field for everyone and will continue our efforts against any programs that give their users an unfair advantage. Programs that are not used to gain an unfair advantage but are indistinguishable from cheats based on their behaviour will also be blocked.'

Sadly, the anti-cheat system proved to be a little more aggressive than PUBG Corporation - a spin-off from original developer Bluehole, dedicated to the game - had anticipated, with users complaining that it made the game entirely unusable even on systems which did not and never had contained cheats or other game modifying programs.

Following considerable player backlash, the company has now announced it is rolling the patch back as it continues to address what are described as 'some compatibility issues.' This roll-back took place over the weekend, PUBG has confirmed, and requires Windows players to download a small patch to remove the anti-cheat functionality. A separate patch was also released for the Xbox One build of the game, to address a series of bugs unrelated to anti-cheat systems.

The roll-back of the patch, however, did not appear to go smoothly: Following a seemingly-related maintenance period late last night, PUBG confirmed an issue with logging into the servers which was, thankfully, swiftly resolved earlier this morning.

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