Rare explains Sea of Thieves 'Seasons' progression system

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January 28, 2021 | 12:20

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Sea of Thieves is said to enter a new era today as the Seasons progression system arrives. In brief, Seasons delivers 100 levels to all players of the game to work through, there are various rewards to be gained from following this seasonal path, and fresh new combat, adventures, and events to keep you entertained. Seasons refresh approximately every three months. There are optional Plunder Pass and its Pirate Emporium-based rewards too.

If you set sail for Season One later today you will probably first notice the 100 levels, divided into 10 tiers, which you will progress through (if you choose) by earning Renown. To progress you will be taking part in prescribed trials of combat, adventures, and other adventuring, exploring and battling events. As you follow through the activities and gain Renown you will earn rewards ranging from in-game currency through to cosmetics (pirate / ship), emotes, and Ancient Coins to spend in the Pirate Emporium. A new Pirate's Log will help you keep track of your level, the rewards you have earned, and upcoming rewards, events and so on.

It is probably worth mentioning now that Seasons is free to all players but some may wish to purchase the Plunder Pass (1,000 Ancient Coins – approx £8) to get more rewards, more frequently, as well as 11 exclusive Emporium items. This item exclusivity ends in the following season when the items get moved to the Emporium for anyone to buy.

The developers say that each subsequent season isn't just about content. Players can also expect the game to deliver quality of life improvements and refinements – as well as various new items for the Emporium.

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