Razer announces Game Booster beta

September 21, 2012 | 10:45

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Peripherals giant Razer has announced plans to launch a system tweak utility based on IObit's Game Booster, providing performance-boosting settings along with integrated social networking functionality.

Called Razer Game Booster, somewhat unoriginally, the software's basic functionality is unchanged from the IObits version: the system provides a toggle for 'normal' and 'gaming' computing modes, disabling a series of non-critical processes in the latter to provide additional resources to games and then re-enabling said processes once the game is finished. The system also includes a dedicated defragmentation tool which specifically optimises games directories, ignoring the rest of the disk, for a quick load-time reduction.

'Razer Game Booster takes what Razer is all about and supercharges it,' claimed Robert Krakoff, president of Razer USA, at the announcement. 'We are huge fans of IObit's Game Booster software and we are dedicated to providing gamers with the absolute best experience possible. To that end, we are committed to everything that adds performance and fun to gaming, which includes software and the systems they run on.'

Razer's Game Booster does add some functionality over and above the IObit original: an improved 'Calibrate Mode' has been inserted, allowing access to driver updates and the tweaking of system settings, while the 'Share Mode' provides real-time audio and video capture and screenshot functionality, allowing users to quickly share their favourite gaming moments or even create tutorials for on-line posting.

Currently, the software is in closed beta, but Razer is taking sign-ups for eager testers at the official site. Although it's unlikely to make a massive difference to system performance, every little helps - and if Razer's 'Share Mode' addition proves as powerful as the company claims, could become a tool found on most gamers' systems.
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