Rockstar announces GTAV for PC, Xbox One, PS4

June 10, 2014 | 09:57

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Rockstar has finally put long-standing rumours to rest with the announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last night that Grand Theft Auto V is indeed coming to Windows PCs as well as next-generation consoles.

Launched last year, GTAV is the biggest title in the history of the franchise and was available exclusively on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Leaks, hints and rumours spread that the company was planning to release a PC port of the game, after the disappointment of no port for its Wild West-themed Red Dead Redemption, but this was met by denials, retractions and then stony silence by the company.

Last night, Rockstar finally confirmed that the rumours were true. During Sony's press conference, the company announced that a remastered version of GTAV would be heading to the PS4, along with ports for the Xbox One and Windows PCs. As well as upgraded graphics, the new release is claimed to include additional and more varied wildlife, upgraded damage effects and more realistic weather.

Those who have already purchased GTAV for consoles will, Rockstar confirmed, be able to port their Grand Theft Auto Online characters across to the next-generation version. While there's no news of similar portability for those upgrading to the Windows release, the company has confirmed plans to include an exclusive film editor with the port.

The game is due to launch on all three platforms in the autumn, with Rockstar offering the following teaser video to whet gamers' appetites.

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