Sam Raimi talks about WoW movie

June 28, 2010 | 11:52

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In an video interview with Collider Sam Raimi, director of the Spider-Man trilogy, has spoken about the World of Warcraft movie he is working on.

Raimi revealed that he and Robert Rodat, who previously penned Saving Private Ryan, are still very much in the early days of the project, and are currently working on developing the story and characters.

It’s quickly apparent that Raimi is very familiar with the source material and is set upon drawing from Blizzard’s vast, sprawling lore.

"I love the visual world the guys over at Blizzard have created," Raimi said. "It's incredibly, engrossinglyterrifying and exciting. I like the use of scale--the giant monsters they have. I love the different landscapes that your character can move through. I like the first-person interaction you have with other players online. There are so many aspects about the game that I really enjoy."

"We're still working on the story right now, and we've got a 40-page document that needs a lot more work, but every draft that we do with Robert Rodat gets better and better.

Raimi did clarify that the film won’t be about gamers being sucked into the world of WoW, but will rather be set entirely within the fiction, thankfully.

Raimi didn’t discuss the matter of release or production, but IMDB has World of Warcraft: The Movie listed for a 2013 release.

Whilst many have tried to make the transition from games to films, few have done so successfully. Is the MMO genre appropriate for the cinema, or is this just another game-based movie destined for supermarket bargain bins? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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