Star Citizen hits $14m

Written by David Hing

July 8, 2013 | 07:42

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Star Citizen has hit $14m in its ongoing crowd-funding campaign and is showing no signs of slowing down.

In an announcement on the Cloud Imperium Games website, the developer thanked everyone for the support behind the sprawling space sim and immediately looked to future targets, outlining upcoming stretch goals.

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts launched crowd-funding campaigns for Star Citizen through Kickstarter and through the game's own site simultaneously. This initial push raised just over $2.1m through Kickstarter and an additional $2m through its own site. The option to send funds to the developers was then extended and the further $10m has trickled through since the first campaign ended in November 2012.

At $14m, the Star Citizen team will be adding "Hibernation Mode" to the game which allows for players to shut their ships down in deep space and resume later on and an extra "land out option" will be added to the game on planet Earth, although they are yet to decide on a city. The milestone also mean they will be putting together a professional behind the scenes documentary about the game's development.

The developers outlined what will happen if they reach $15m and $16m. At $15m, they will add an escort carrier ship class and ship an extra 42-page ship upgrade manual to any pre-$15m backers as a free pdf. At $16m, they will add an arena mode and give an in-game laser pistol for all pre-$16m backers.

'We can't thank you enough for all the support you have given Star Citizen in recent months,' reads the announcement on the official site. 'We knew that space sims and PC games both needed a return to their former glory, but we had no idea so many people would support us in this endeavour.'

Star Citizen's initial target on Kickstarter was $500,000 which was intended to supplement its overall goal of $2m. Despite raising seven times as much as its target, many industry professionals still consider Star Citizen to be an incredibly ambitious project for the level of money raised.
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