Stargate MMO sidelined in favour of new shooter

Written by Joe Martin

December 10, 2009 | 13:59

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Stargate Worlds, the Stargate MMO that's in development over at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, has apparently been sidelined in favour of a new shooter set in the Stargate universe.

Dubbed Stargate: Resistance, the new game is apparently a PC only third person shooter with a focus on online team-based combat. The game will pit Stargate Command against the Goa'uld System Lords and offer three basic classes for each side.

Surprisingly, Stargate: Resistance is set for a Q1 2010 release despite only just being unveiled, according to Massively. It will be published by FireSky, just like was planned for the MMO which has suddenly been relegated to second place.

"SGW will be worked on, but at a much lower rate compared to that of Resistance... That is until such a time when SGR has become comfortable financially (enough) to then begin ramping up SGW again," said Stargate Worlds developer Ian Stock.

The hope seems to be that Stargate: Resistance can be used to fund further development of Stargate Worlds. Developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and publisher FireSky have both been having financial problems lately, according to Eurogamer.

"As well as building this new exciting product, paramount to Firesky's long-term future is restoring your confidence and trust in us," said creative consultant Chris Klug via the official site for the new game.

"While we've never lied to you about our circumstances, many times we were silent while our critics had their fun at our expense. We chose to remain quiet during those times, because, honestly, we often didn't know what our future was day-to-day, sometimes even hour-to-hour. As a group we chose to not say anything until we knew something."

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