Steam introduces Play Next feature

Written by Jennifer Allen

May 18, 2020 | 15:00

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We've all been paralysed with choice when it comes to what to play next on Steam, right? Fortunately, Steam has now implemented a useful new feature called Play Next which should help cure these ills. 

The feature uses machine learning to analyse what you've played in the past and figure out exactly what you might want to pay next. Essentially, it's like how Netflix recommends things and is usually fairly accurate. 

Previously, the feature was an experimental one being tested in Steam Labs, but it's now available to everyone via the full Steam client. It'll show up the next time round you update the client with suggested games being highlighted on a special Play Next shelf.

Obviously, there's no requirement to listen to Steam's recommendations, but it's ideal if you're lost and bewildered in a Steam library of hundreds if not thousands of games. We've all been there, taking so long to try to decide what to play that you run out of time to actually play anything. This should counteract that and help you use your time a little better. 

In particular, it focuses on unplayed games in your library or titles that have very low playtime on your account, enticing you into finally dipping into that game you bought in last year's sale because it was just so cheap, you couldn't resist. 

General feedback has suggested that Play Next is pretty reliable although obviously, if you have exceptionally varied taste, it may get a little lost. There's also the matter of how it deals with multiple copies of the same game - that's where things fall down a bit. For instance, if you have a standard version of a game as well as a GOTY version on your account, Steam is liable to suggest the alternative too, effectively leaving you with recommendations of games you've already tackled. 

With thousands of games available on Steam and so many sales bundling in so many titles at stupidly low prices, Play Next looks like a great way of helping you move onto things that you'll actually enjoy as much as the last game you played. 

The feature should be available now once you update your Steam client. 

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