Steam launches broadcasting mode

Written by David Hing

December 3, 2014 | 12:37

Tags: #broadcast #lets-play

Companies: #steam #twitch #valve

Steam has launched a beta for a new broadcasting mode, allowing users to share their gaming sessions with friends at the click of a button.

To use the mode, both streamer and watcher need to have the broadcasting beta active in their Steam client. When a friend is in a game on Steam, an option will then become available to watch that game next to the button to join the game.

Broadcasting a session automatically starts when someone starts watching your stream and you can control who can and can’t access your stream. This can range from anyone, only friends, friends that request to watch your game and then get approved by you, or only friends that you invite to your stream.

Steam has opened the beta up to everyone on Steam who wants to give it a go with access to the Steam Client beta activated through the Steam settings panel.

Broadcasting gaming sessions has become a popular activity that several companies are now trying to investigate. With the overwhelming popularity of sites like and the rise of Let’s Play videos on Youtube, it feels a natural fit for Steam to try and make the production of game sharing video content easier.

Sony has also entered this arena with the inclusion of its share button on the controller for the Playstation 4 which allows players to share moments from their games across social media.
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