Tim Schafer: Don't worry about Brutal Legend sales

Written by Joe Martin

April 7, 2009 | 11:35

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Do you worry about how well your favourite computer games will sell? Tim Schafer, the creator of Full Throttle and head of Double Fine Productions, thinks you do. What's more, he wants you to stop fretting about it, especially when it comes to his own games.

Double Fine's last game, Psychonauts was a massive critical success but it's often said that the sales for the title failed to live up to expectations - but Schafer wants you to know that that's OK.

"Fans worry too much about sales, to tell you the truth," Schafer told MTV in an interview about his latest game, Brutal Legend. "As long as you make a cool game, publishers want to talk to you."

Brutal Legend apparently struggled to find a publisher after it was one of the titles dropped from the Activision / Blizzard merger, but Schafer was always confident that the game, which stars Jack Black as a heavy metal roadie trapped in another dimension, would find a new publisher. It eventually did, of course, with EA.

Schafer admits in the MTV interview that Brutal Legend was helped out by the fact that it's an open-world action game with some very vocal Hollywood talent attached to it, but he's adamant that gamers shouldn't worry about how the game would sell just because of how Psychonauts fared. He just wants to see people enjoy the game.

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