Trackmania 2 announced

Written by Joe Martin

September 21, 2009 | 13:07

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There's so many Trackmania games - United, Sunrise, Nations and the original Trackmania, obviously - that it seems weird that Nadeo is only just now announced the second game in the series. They have though.

Unveiled at the Paris Game Festival, Trackmania 2 will be the next game in the series of over-the-top racers.

Set for a 2010 release according to the poorly-translated announcements and forum posts (via Blue's News), Trackmania 2 looks set to include all the usual high-speed craziness we've come to expect of the series.

Interestingly, Nadeo has also confirmed it only for the PC platform at the moment, with no XBLA, Mac or PSN ports planned at the moment according to early reports. Nadeo apparently only wants to work on the PC - so, good for them.

The game is also set to include four split-screen game modes, meaning it isn't an exclusively online experience, with Cup, Championship, Team and an interesting Co-op mode all being mentioned. We're betting it'll have the usual track-editors and car-painters as well.

Beyond that it's hard to make out many exact details at the moment, but there is some shaky-cam footage of the announcement doing the rounds, if you're interested.

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