Twitch launches first own-brand game, Twitch Sings

April 15, 2019 | 10:19

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Amazon-owned live-streaming specialist Twitch has announced it is branching out yet again, moving from its origins as a place to stream game footage and becoming a publisher of first-party games - starting with a karaoke title dubbed Twitch Sings.

Acquired by Amazon back in 2014, Twitch has thrived under its new ownership - but in thriving has also spent considerable effort diversifying from its original focus on live-streamed gaming footage: The site has begun to embrace non-gaming real-life live streaming and sports content, has launched its own digital storefront where members can buy games, launched its own gameshow, and recently added limited support for split-screen multi-user streaming.

Now, the company has launched a first-party game in a move which shifts it from a distribution and promotion service to a publisher and developer. Developed in partnership with music game expert Harmonix, Twitch Sings is exactly what it sounds like: a karaoke game in the style of Sony's SingStar, except with a button which allows a player to begin live-streaming their attempt at Take On Me with a single click.

'Twitch Sings unites the fun and energy of being at a live show with the boundless creativity of streamers to make an amazing shared interactive performance,' claims Joel Wade, executive producer on the title. 'Many games are made better on Twitch, but we believe there is a huge opportunity for those that are designed with streaming and audience participation at their core.'

The game, which is free to play but ties into the platform's microtransaction system by triggering in-game lightshows depending on how many 'cheers' - messages of support funded by 'Bits', Twitch's internal currency - an audience spends, is available now for Windows users on the official website.

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