Ubisoft delays The Crew to December

October 7, 2014 | 11:41

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Ubisoft has confirmed another delay to its upcoming open-world driving title The Crew, pushing its release date on all platforms back to December.

The game, which will allow players to compete in races and other missions across a claimed-accurate recreation of the United States of America, was originally scheduled to launch in early 2014 before an October 2013 announcement that it would be pushed back to publisher Ubisoft's following financial year. Now, its release has been delayed still further to the 2nd of December across all platforms following Ubisoft's decision to run a further console beta.

'We received a lot of valuable information from the recent PC and console betas,' claimed title creative director Julian Gerighty in a blog post announcing the latest setback. 'We are now scrutinising all of the player feedback so we can ensure that The Crew delivers the seamless open-world experience that meets everyone’s high expectations.'

The latest beta follows Ubisoft's two PC betas and a limited technical beta on PS4 and Xbox One, feedback from which has resulted in considerable changes including the ability to complete remove the head-up display from the game, more realistic collisions and adjustments to the title's difficulty - in particular when it comes to police chases.

'Developing The Crew has been a lot like an epic road trip. And, like any long-distance journey, some of the best moments are those detours along the way,' claimed Ubisoft's Gary Steinman in the update. 'The three closed betas added in a few additional unplanned side trips, in order to ensure that players have even more of what they crave in The Crew’s massive open-world playground. And the upcoming console closed beta in November gives the development team and the players yet another chance to work together to deliver a truly revolutionary driving experience.'

The Crew is now scheduled to launch on the 2nd of December on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, with a tie-in smartphone and tablet application planned for iOS and Android devices.
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