UK trade group says piracy not a big issue

Written by Joe Martin

November 11, 2009 | 12:13

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TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry, has polled its members on attitudes to piracy and whether or not it might threaten the industry as a whole and the results make for quite an interesting read.

According to, 90 percent of TIGA members in the UK recognised piracy as a growing problem, but only 10 percent said that it was significant threat to the continued vitality of the industry.

Even more shocking was the fact that a 60 percent majority of the UK games industry does not believe piracy is something that represents a serious problem for developers and publishers.

Confronting the controversial issue of whether the games industry should seek government support and intervention in attacking pirates directly, the results came out as a tie - 50/50.

The results don't seem to be a one off either and match up nicely with a similar report in September.

"Developers are not complacent in dealing with this problem and are mostly seeking to find solutions for themselves rather than simply relying on the government to solve the problem of piracy." said TIGA CEO Richard Wilson.

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