Valve appeals Australian L4D2 rating

Written by Joe Martin

September 25, 2009 | 11:55

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Valve has announced that it is formally appealing the (lack of) rating given to Left 4 Dead 2 by the Australian Office of Film and Literature, which has effectively banned the title from sale in the land of Oz.

The Australian rating body refused to rate the game over concerns about the frequent and intense violence, which a minority of the board believed made the game unsuitable for some audiences. The highest rating the Australian government gives is a MA 15+ and the board has been frequently criticised for not having a higher rating tier for 18+ or AO content.

Because Left 4 Dead 2 has been refused a rating, it is illegal to sell the game in Australia - meaning the game is effectively banned. Valve is now appealing that decision, requesting the same MA 15+ rating that was previously given to Left 4 Dead 1.

The game, which is due out on November 17th, has already been rated in most territories and Valve has supplied a list of how the game is currently rated.

PEGI (continental Europe) - 18+
ESRB (North America) - M
CERO (Japan) -Z (corresponds to Mature in US)
IFCO (Ireland) - Approved the title for classification.
USK (Germany) - 18+
Singapore - Mature 18
FPB (South Africa) - 18+
KGRB (Korea) -18+

OLFC New Zealand - In progress.
BBFC (UK) - In progress.
OFLC Australia - Refused to rate on September 17. Appealed September 23

Let us know your thoughts in the forums and check out our latest Left 4 Dead 2 hands-on preview for more info about the game.
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