Valve boycotts L4D mod campaign

Written by Joe Martin

September 11, 2009 | 10:58

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This is a strange one. Yesterday, it was revealed that Valve flew two of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott ringleaders out to Valve HQ in Seattle so that they could check the game out and attest to the fact that it wasn't a rush job, which they duly did.

Obviously, the response from Left 4 Dead fans was mixed. Most people thought it was rather nice of Valve, while most boycott members continue to protest the lack of new content for Left 4 Dead 1 and are accusing both parties of bribery. One Left 4 Dead modder however had a different solution, according to RPS.

The modder in question, known only as Joe and residing in Brisbane, Australia, sent Gabe Newell a very direct question; "Why the hell haven't I been flown to Valve? You guys need to preview my campaign."

A few hours later, Newell responded with a rather unbelievable response - "We are boycotting your campaign."

With the tables suddenly turned on him, Joe wondered what exactly this meant. "Does...Does this mean I need fly YOU here?", he asked.

"Me and Erik," confirmed Newell, referring to Project Lead Erik Johnson.

Joe has now launched a campaign to raise money and awareness for his scheme, dubbed the Fly Gabe Newell Fund, with the ultimate plan being to fly Gabe and Erik over to Joe's house in Brisbane so that they can preview his game and attest that it isn't a rush job. Money will be refunded if the pair refuse to make the trip, while extra funds will be spent on buying a camera to record the event. Let us know if you donate in the forums.
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