Valve begins discounting bundles for titles already owned

March 3, 2016 | 14:31

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Valve has announced that it is changing how it prices game bundles on its Steam digital distribution platform, lowering the price if one or more bundled titles are already in your library.

Valve's Steam platform has been a huge success for the company - to the detriment, some might claim, of its first-party game output, vis-a-vis the long-overdue Half-Life 3 - despite issues the company is addressing with trade fraud and grey-market 'imports.' The biggest traffic spikes on the service come when the company launches one of its regular Steam Sale events, which discounts both individual games and game bundles. There has always been a catch, however: if a player already owned one or more titles in a bundle, they would pay the exact same price as someone who was buying all the games for the first time.

According to an announcement made to developers and obtained by PCGamesN, that system is going the way of the dodo. Instead, gamers will see the price of a bundle drop according to the number of games they already own that are contained within. The first bundle to feature the new pricing system, Headup Games Complete Bundle, demonstrates how it'll work: the discounted cost of a bundled game is automatically removed from the bundle if it already appears in your library.

Valve has not made a public announcement about the change yet, but it is thought to be trialling the system with a few bundles initially before rolling it out to the general population.
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