Valve: Portal 2 delayed until 2011

Written by Joe Martin

June 10, 2010 | 10:50

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Valve has announced that Portal 2 has been delayed, slipping from a Christmas 2010 release over into 2011 according to a new press release titled "Making Games Is Hard".

Written from the perspective of Aperture Science, the official press release instructs fans not to worry too much and promises that the delay isn't the end of the world.

"Even though Portal 2 will arrive slightly later than planned, all life on earth won’t instantaneously stop as every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light, which is what would happen should a rip ever appear in the fabric of Valve Time," says the press release.

"Also, the game will be even better," said a representative from Aperture Science.

Valve has also sought to rein in rumours about it's upcoming surprise announcement at E3, saying quite plainly (and we quote) that it will be "***PORTAL-2-THEMED-FOR-GOD’S SAKE***".

Assuming it's not a double bluff, the press release shoots down some of the rumours that are circulating around Valve at the moment, the most outlandish of which is that Valve may be finishing off Duke Nukem Forever.

For more information on Portal 2 you can read about the official Portal 2 announcement, or the Portal alternate-reality game that Valve ran in the run-up to the reveal.

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