Valve trialling Steam Trading

Written by Joe Martin

August 10, 2011 | 11:59

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Valve is trialing a new system on Steam called Steam Trading that will enable players to swap in-game unlocks from Team Fortress 2 for full games on Steam.

The system is set up so that players trade with each other through Steam's Community features, rather than with Valve directly.

The Steam Trading trial is currently only of limited focus, allowing players to negotiate swaps of Team Fortress 2 unlocks for Steam games that have not yet been added to a player's library.

'[Now your Steam Community profile will have an item inventory, and you'll be able to view the item inventories of every public profile in the Steam community,' Valve said.

The trial also makes it possible to trade through Group Chat, allowing you to trade with anyone in your friends list - just right click their name and press 'Invite to Trade'.

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