Win Battlefield: Bad Company 2 BETA keys

Written by Alex Watson

February 19, 2010 | 15:27

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So, got any plans for the weekend? We’ll bet a fair few of you will be gaming, and if we were to offer you a free game, well, you might bite our arms off. How about if we offered you a free game that’s not even out yet? We'd be like that Knight from Monty Python, probably...

Still, we can't let those kind of injuries stop us: we’ve got 190 keys to the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 BETA to give away, thanks to those nice people at EA Store and we’re going to try and get rid of them all in the next two-and-a-half hours. The BETA runs for a limited time only and we want to give you the maximum time playing possible.

To move the keys so quickly, we’re going to use that popular real-time instant messaging service Twitter. All you to do is follow our account (@bittech) and send us the answer to the following question, via either direct message or @reply:

Q. What’s the name of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's developer?

It’s not just BETA keys we’re giving away, either – we’ve got ten bonus prizes. The first prize winner gets five free downloads from the EA Store, worth up to £200, while nine runners up will get a free copy of the full Battlefield: Bad Company 2 game, also from EA Store. These ten winners will be randomly selected from the 190 people who win BETA keys.

We use own our Twitter account to post links to our own stories as well as other interesting finds and behind the scenes info from bit-tech HQ, so we think it’s something you’ll find useful. Ready? Set? GO!
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