World of Warplanes requires more skill than World of Tanks

Written by Joe Martin

August 19, 2011 | 12:28

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World of Warplanes,'s upcoming aerial MMO, will require much more skill from players, CEO Victor Kislyi warned us at GamesCom 2011 today.

'In World of Tanks, if you don't know what to do then you can just hide your tank in a bush and wait to shoot someone and do well like that sometimes,' Victor told us yesterday.

' just can't do that in a plane. Or anything like that. It's more like World of Skills now.' is still tinkering with the handling of the planes and is hoping to reach a point where accessibility is balanced with hardcore appeal.

A number of features were already nailed down, however - World of Warplanes will feature day and night missions, weather effects and joystick support, Bit-Gamer was told.

As with World of Tanks, matches will also be based on a remote server, making all matches unhackable.

Got the skills for dogfighting Biggles-style, or do you just prefer trundling around in a giant tin-can? Let us know your thoughts in the forum.

Check our GamesCom 2011 news hub for all the information from Cologne this year.

The GamesCom 2011 trailer for World of Warplanes is below: Nerrrrrowwwmm... Dakakakaka!

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