PC Gaming Alliance formed at GDC

Written by Joe Martin

February 20, 2008 | 09:42

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The PC Gaming Alliance, a long-rumoured brotherhood of PC game and technology developers, has been formally announced at this year's Game Developers Conference.

The Alliance is composed of many of the most important PC focused companies, including; Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft, Dell, Acer, Razer, Epic and Activision.

Heading up the Alliance is Randy Stude of Intel, who will act as the voice of the group - The Iron Man of the Avengers, if you will.

"One of our main major objectives is to provide one voice on PC gaming market. There's no one source that says 'hey this is where the PC market is going'. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are always calling their market share - we're going to call our market through this group," said Randy in the GDC announcement.

It's worth pointing out although the Alliance doesn't seem massive, it's actually a lot larger than you'd think. The fact that Dell is on board automatically brings Alienware into the mix, while the involvement of AMD also attaches ATI. On the games side of things, the recent merger of Activision and Vivendi means that the World of Warcraft developer is also directly linked to the project through Activision.

Hopefully the formation of the Alliance should help fight back against rumours that the PC market is dying - a view we strongly disagree with.

Can such a brotherhood of minds possibly work, or will it all end in bickering and backstabbing? Let us know your thoughts on the forums.
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