With the fanfare of E3 behind us, the crunch time begins with just 5 months until Xbox 360 launches. And while that means many sleepless nights for the programmers, it also means the PR machines are being fired up as the carrot of next-generation gaming is dangled in front of eager gamers.

One of the first to kick off the Teaser season is Britain's own Bizarre Creations, who have just launched the official Project Gotham Racing 3 website, located where else but www.projectgothamracing3.com. The site is a little barren right now, with just a few developer biographies and a scant two screenshots, but the real highlight is the Car Audio page.

Contained within you will find downloadable MP3 and WAV engine note samples of Ferrari's 355, the Nissan Skyline R34, Dodge Viper GTS ACR and the truly insane Cadillac 16: a 13.6 litre, 1000 horsepower behemoth. The sound quality is a big leap forward from Project Gotham Racing 2, and Bizarre have a dedicated audio team of five travelling the world to record all manner of exotica; the Xbox 360 features an all-new audio solution which the team are keen to exploit to its fullest.

Little else is known of the game: it is a no-brainer to suggest that it will feature the trademarked Kudos points system, new cities and a fleet of new vehicles; PGR2 featured 10 locations and over 100 cars. Xbox Live support is also guaranteed, as it will be required for all Xbox 360 titles. So far, we can guarantee the following cars will feature:
<ul><li>Cadillac 16</li><li>Dodge Viper GTS ACR</li><li>Ferrari 355</li><li>Ferrari 430</li><li>McLaren F1</li><li>Nissan Skyline R34</li><li>Lamborghini Murcielago, and the</li><li>TVR Sagaris</li></ul>Already a mouth-watering proposition, especially given the new high-octane acoustics.

If you're a fan of the series, I strongly encourage you to download the Official Trailer hosted by 1UP.com - J Allard was reportedly quoted as admitted the footage is a 50:50 of in-game footage and rendered CG, but let's face it: even if only half of what you see is in-game, we're in for a real treat. For now, these three screenshots should get the blood pumping:

A view of the Lamborghini Murcielago that may well become more familiar

The mighty 240mph McLaren F1

TVR's new Sagaris burning rubber

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