PGR4 won't fit on a DVD, content axed

Written by Joe Martin

August 1, 2007 | 12:01

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Sony is a company which has seen a lot of abuse lately for the expensive nature of its flagship console, a large factor of which is the Blu-ray disc drive incorporated into the PlayStation 3. People have been poking fun at the console-giant for a while because of the format choice.

Still, Sony is convinced that it will have the last laugh after all - especially as it turns out that Microsoft Games Studios has been forced to remove day and night cycles from the upcoming Project Gotham Racing 4 because of space constraints on the DVD disc.

Apparently, planned elements of the gorgeous looking PGR4 have had to be removed because they will not physically fit onto a single DVD disc and console games do not have an option to continue onto a second disc as easily.

Sony of course has leapt at a chance to boast about how Blu-ray discs would not have this problem. You can't really blame the company, after all the abuse it's suffered from the gaming community.

"We took a lot of heat at launch for including Blu-ray in PS3. Now it looks like that investment is being justified."

"Next generation games simply need more space on the disc to contain all that high definition content. Take a look at Lair, for example, already pushing 25GB of content, and that is a first-generation title. At 50GB storage capacity, Blu-ray gives the PS3 plenty of headroom for developers to fully realize their visions well into the future." David Karraker told

Yeah, yeah - nobody likes a boaster either, okay Sony?

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