Playstation Store offering TV season passes

Written by David Hing

October 27, 2014 | 12:15

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Sony’s Playstation Store has started offering season passes to individual TV shows.

The service is only initially available on the Playstation 3, Sony mobile devices and through its web portal. The company plans to add Playstation 4 support along with support for Sony’s smart TVs and Blu-ray players at a later date.

Buying a season pass through the Video Unlimited service or the PS store means users can see episodes of that series the day after they appear on TV, with the episodes appearing on the “My Videos” section of the Playstation store or Video Unlimited account.

An example given on the Playstation Blog shows a full season in HD will set you back $41.99 with a standard definition version costing $27.99. At launch, Sony is offering seasons of The Walking Dead at a discount with the SD version available for $5.59. Further discounts are being announced on October 30.

The comments filling up the Playstation Blog’s announcement of the service make note of the pricing and describe these as ‘rip off prices', or ’way too expensive’, drawing comparisons to the price of blu-ray box sets or even cable television subscriptions.

Sony’s Video Unlimited service was launched in 2010 and is available across a range of different Sony devices. At this year’s E3, while Sony was notable for keeping the focus of its announcements on games, it did also highlight some of the work it was doing with video in announcing original video series Powers. Written by several Marvel writers, PSN users would get to watch the first episode of for free while PS Plus subscribers would get the entire series.
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