Bomber threatens to destroy Bomberman developer

Written by Joe Martin

February 2, 2009 | 11:11

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A Japanese gamer has been arrested by Metropolitan police after making several threats to fire-bomb the headquarters of Japanese videogame company Hudson Soft.

The 29-year old gamer is still unnamed, but apparently worked as a courier in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, says Kotaku.

The suspect allegedly started threatening Hudson Soft as early as October 2008, with aggressive letters to the developer and publisher continuing until January 16th 2009. In the letters the suspect threatened to bomb Hudson's headquarters a total of 11 times, saying in emails that he would send a letter bomb to the company unless 80 trillion yen was bought to JR Takamatsu Station, near where the suspect worked.

The reason for all the commotion and threats was apparently that the suspect was disappointed with the poor quality of recent Hudson games and he felt his views were not being taken seriously.

In a signed affidavit the suspect admitted to making the threats and said, "I did it because I posted my demands concerning the games, but the games didn't improve."

Hudson, whose most well known videogame creation is ironically Bomberman, has not given a public statement on the matter.

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