Dutch retailer boycotts PSPgo

Written by Joe Martin

September 16, 2009 | 14:30

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Holland's largest specialist games retailer, Nedgame, has apparently announced that it will not be stocking any PSPgos and will in fact be boycotting the product.

According to Eurogamer, Nedgames has two main issues with the PSPgo as a games platform - the price and the lack of UMD support. Nor is it alone, as a few other retailers in Holland and Spain are rumoured to be boycotting the device too.

Price is the most immediate factor apparently, with Nedgame unconvinced that the platform will sell all that well if it stays at the ludicrously high price of €249.99 - which is a whopping €80 more than the PSP-3000. In America is will cost around $249, in Japan 26,8000 Yen and in the UK around £215.

Not only does Nedgame not think the price is realistic, but it also thinks it is disproportionate to what's actually offer since the PSPgo has a smaller screen and no UMD drive.

The lack of the UMD drive is the more long-term problem though as it prevents retailers from being able to make money selling games for the platform. The PSPgo will be an entirely digital platform, with an AppStore of it's own selling 'minis' and users having to visit Sony booths to transfer their UMD games into digital formats. Digital games are then directly tied to your PSN account, meaning that second hand sales will dry up too.

Nedgame has also claimed it is uncomfortable about the monopoly being created by Sony about who can sell PSPgo games.

Earlier this year several UK retailers voiced similar concerns about the PSPgo, claiming they saw no justification for stocking it - though no boycott was formally announced.

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