Gran Turismo 5 delayed again

Written by Joe Martin

January 13, 2010 | 11:01

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Sony has enraged and bewildered fans again by announcing yet another delay in the release of console-favourite race, Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3.

Originally announced at E3 back in 2006, Gran Turismo 5 has been repeatedly delayed and shifted around on the PlayStation 3 platform which it is exclusive to.

GT5 was set to be released in March this year in Japan, with a western version following at some point after. Now, Sony has said it will not meet that deadline and does not know when the game will finally be released, citing "production issues" in a comment to Reuters.

The delay comes at a confusing time, as the game seemed to be shaping up well by the looks of the 2008 not-a-demo-honest Gran Turismo: Prologue and the more recent Academy Time Trial demo, which was released mid-December 2009. We had a quick play on the game at GamesCom 2009 too and it was looking mighty polished back then too.

Still, demand for the game is still high and the most recent demo has already been downloaded more than a million times, according to a recent announcement.

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