Gran Turismo 5 for Q4 2010 release?

Written by Joe Martin

February 2, 2010 | 11:05

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With still no firm release date in sight for the monumentally delayed Gran Turismo 5, one Sony executive has hinted that the game might actually be available in time for Christmas 2010, even though no official date is announced.

The Japanese release for the PS3 racing sim was set for this March until recently, when Sony suddenly announced that the date was release was to be pushed back indefinitely and for no specified reason.

Sony Europe's James Armstrong, the head of the Portugese wing of the company, has hinted in an interview that the game may still see a 2010 debut.

Speaking to the Spanish site Canarias Al Dias (via Eurogamer), Armstrong said that he expected to see the game on shelves "this year, before Christmas" even though the specific date was "not yet decided".

It isn't the first time that Armstrong has speculated on the fate of the racer though, having said last year that he expected a late 2009 unveiling for the game - a date Sony then confirmed and stuck by until last year's Tokyo Games Show and the announcement of a March 2010 release in Japan. Then that date slipped later this year.

Gran Turismo 5 has now been in development for five years and, as EG points out, cost around $60 million USD to make so far. You'd think Sony would be eager to get the game on shelves on this point.

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