Handheld piracy costs industry £29 billion

Written by Joe Martin

June 7, 2010 | 11:17

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New figures gathered as part of research by Japan's Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association suggest the piracy on handheld platforms alone has cost the industry more than £29 billion over a five year period.

The research was gathered by CESA, organisers of the Tokyo Game Show, with the aid of Tokyo University and was begun in June 2004. It focused only on PSP and DS games, excluding other handheld platforms like the iPhone or iPod touch.

The figures were gathered based on downloads of the top 20 games in Japan from 114 piracy sites, according to Andriasang. The cost of the downloaded titles from this period was ¥953 billion, which was then multiplied by four on the basis that Japan represents 25 percent of the global game market. Thus, £29 billion GBP.

The research did not take P2P networks into account, forcing the group to admit that actual costs may be much higher - especially since the amount of piracy varies by region.

CESA also revealed that the most pirate servers were to be found in America, with China coming in second place. Together America and China account for 60 percent of all piracy servers, with America also being first when it comes to number of accesses to piracy sites.

Sony has previously commented that the level of piracy on the PSP platforms is "sickening".

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