Haze developer blames PS3 architecture

Written by Joe Martin

August 13, 2009 | 11:25

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Former Free Radical Design developer Karl Hilton has claimed that problems with the PlayStation 3 architecture were a major factor in the disappointing state of Free Radical's last game, Haze, before the developer went out of business.

While early impressions of Free Radical's PS3 exclusive Haze were quite positive, the final product failed to make a splash either with critics or gamers, scoring only a five in our review and acting as a tragic tombstone for the developer behind the Timesplitters franchise.

Speaking in an interview with Develop Karl, who now works at Crytek UK after a last minute buy-out, says that not all of Haze's faults were design problems however and that technical issues with the PlayStation 3 were a major factor.

"We hit a few stumbling blocks on it that meant we spent more time trying get the game running properly and less time to design the game properly," Hilton says. "[Haze] wasn't the game it should have been."

Despite the fact that Haze was a commercial flop however, Hilton still remains positive about the PS3 as a platform and promises that, even though the PS3 is hard to work with, Crytek will learn to get the most out of it.

"We know the PS3 can do amazing things, and no one has pushed it as far as it can go, but I think the CryEngine gives us a great head start on it," he says.

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