PSN may stay offline until May 31

Written by Joe Martin

May 9, 2011 | 11:12

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A spokesperson for Sony Japan has said that the PlayStation Network may not return to full functionality until the end of the month following repeated attacks on Sony's online services.

Sony first took PSN offline on April 20th, shortly after it found out that the system had been compromised by an unknown party. Later attacks have bought the matter to Sony Online Entertainment's other services too.

PSN was originally supposed to have been restored on 3rd May, but that plan went out the window when the second SOE attacks were discovered.

Talking to Bloomberg today, a Sony spokesperson said that the company was still in the process of adopting improved security systems and was planning to restore PSN to full functionality by 31st May.

If Sony holds to that new date then PSN will have been offline for a total of 41 days.

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