PSPgo already semi-hacked

Written by Joe Martin

October 5, 2009 | 13:03

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Sony's new PSP, the PSPgo, is a digital-only console that only allows you to download and access games from the PlayStation Store - a move that's thought to be an attempt to fight the rampant piracy on the original PSP. Unfortunately for Sony though, even though the PSPgo has only just been released, it's already been hacked.

Well, kind of anyway.

Although Sony has claimed to have patched all the exploits from the older PSP models, one hacker who calls himself FreePlay has already found a way around the problem using a hack built around customised save files.

Using this method FreePlay has already managed to dump the PSPgo memory to his removable storage and run custom messages on the PSPgo - with a Youtube video (via Kotaku) showing him running a message that reads "lol go = hacked sorry sony".

FreePlay has declined to name the game however, for fear that Sony will quickly release an update and plug the hole before users can find a way to fully exploit the, um, exploit. He also points out that he didn't discover the hack and that it's a known system that he's just making use of.

"No, it's not going to lead to custom firmware, piracy, or a Pandora's Battery," says FreePlay. "It can't write to the flash, and it even seems to be unable to overwrite the system settings, which was always unblocked before on the older systems. It's user-mode only."

The advantage of having a digital-only console however is that Sony should be able to combat exploits like this a lot faster than it did before.

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