Sony cancels PlayStation Room

Written by Joe Martin

April 16, 2010 | 10:42

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Following a Japanese beta, Sony has decided to cancel on plans to bring the PlayStation Room social network - basically PlayStation Home but for the PSP range - to market.

No specific reason is given for the cancellation, but a short press release from Sony confirms that Room has been utterly cancelled following the Japanese beta and user feedback will be used to improve existing services instead.

Announced back in 2009, the PlayStation Room was essentially a scaled down social network similar to the PlayStation 3's Home. Immediate reactions to the proposal back then were loaded with scepticism, which wasn't helped by the fact that Sony's Western offices never made any mention of the service - only Sony Japan ever talked about it.

If successful, Room would have been a 3D world where avatars could interact, write blogs and share images. It was to be a free service supported by premium customisation content - which is a fancy way of saying that you could buy different hats for your avatar.

Sony's record with such networks has been a bit patchy at best though, with even PlayStation Home having gone through numerous delays and problems before finally launching into open beta in 2008.

Microsoft has taken the chance to goad Sony about the delays too, claiming that it too considered a similar project at one point but eventually abandoned it as the concept was outdated and too big to handle.

Sony meanwhile admits that it probably announced Home far too early, but let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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