Sony's PlayStation 4 Slim leaks ahead of launch

August 22, 2016 | 13:01

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Images purporting to be a more compact redesign of Sony's PlayStation 4 console, allegedly to be launched into the market in September, have leaked out from multiple sources.

Rumours surrounding redesigns of both Sony's PlayStation 4 and rival Microsoft's Xbox One consoles have be swirling since shortly after launch. Recently, both were at least partly confirmed: Sony announced it was working on a more powerful PlayStation 4 variant, while Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One S and teased its own more powerful console variant under the codename Project Scorpio. Now, the missing piece from Sony's side of the puzzle appears to have been leaked: a compact redesign of the PlayStation 4, unsurprisingly dubbed the PlayStation 4 Slim.

Designed, by all appearance, to completely supplant the existing full-size PS4 in stores, the evidence for Sony's upcoming release has been compiled in a thread on gaming forum NeoGaf. Initially, a single source was highlighted for the leak: a listing, since removed, on the Gumtree classified advertising site purporting to have a fully boxed PS4 Slim ready for sale. Since then, additional images of the same system have appeared on multiple sites - though it is not yet confirmed whether these are truly from multiple sources or a single source spreading the rumour far and wide.

The images released as part of the listing show a shorter and more compact console bearing no hint of the word 'Slim' on its packaging; instead, the box simply calls it a PlayStation 4, indicating that Sony plans to replace the existing model entirely - the same launch tactic it followed with previous Slim console models. The images also reveal a 500GB internal hard drive, and most of the same features as its full-size equivalent bar the apparent loss of the optical audio output port.

Sony, unsurprisingly, has remained silent on the veracity of the images. More information is expected to be made available at an event the company has scheduled for early September.
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