Sony working on PSP phone?

Written by Joe Martin

June 29, 2009 | 13:58

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Though there's still no official confirmation from Sony or Sony Ericsson, rumours have again surfaced that the company may be looking to release a PSP phone.

This time the reports come from Japanese business daily Nikkei and Reuters, which claimed that Sony would be setting up a team to create a PSP phone this July. The brief for the team will apparently be to create a cross between the PlayStation Portable and a Sony Ericsson phone.

The rumour is far from new obviously and it's long been speculated that Sony would look to enter the mobile market through Sony Ericsson, just as it did with it's line of Walkman MP3 players. While nothing has yet come from the rumours though it's thought that Sony may launch a new product to try and compete with Apple's iPhone, which has had phenomenal success as a games and software platform.

Sony's attachment to Ericsson obviously gives the company the ability to develop a device and, as points out, Sony is now starting to investigate digital distribution more through the PSPGo, so the timing may be right for Sony to finally launch a product.

That said, Sony itself has offered no comment on the topic and would neither confirm nor deny that it was looking to create a PSP phone. Not that that really means anything either though - Sony was very quiet about the PSPGo launch until E3 afterall.

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