Tecmo Koei wants a PS3 price cut

Written by Joe Martin

July 6, 2009 | 11:08

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The CEO of the newly-formed publisher Tecmo Koei, which was formed after a merger of the two previously distinct Japanese publishers, has said that he has repeatedly urged Sony to lower the price of the PlayStation 3.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, Kenji Matsubara said that Tecmo Koei would welcome a PS3 price cut and that he brings the topic up whenever he enters discussions with Sony about Tecmo Koei games.

"Whenever I discuss this with Sony reps I always ask them: 'Please cut the price'," Matsubara said. "From a publisher's point of view we would welcome a price cut for PS3 and we are waiting, definitely."

"It's definitely a way of boosting the PS3 market, but it's Sony's strategy and I don't know their cost structure. Sony introduced cutting-edge technology in the PS3, that's why people in the industry accept that the PS3 cost is so high, but we'd welcome a price cut."

Tecmo Koei isn't the only publisher to voice concerns about the price of the PlayStation 3 either. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick recently threatened to totally withdraw support for Sony products unless the price of the PS3 was lowered, going on to point out that the PlayStation 3 is expensive to develop for as well as to buy and that there wasn't a large enough to market share as a result of the cost issue.

The good news though is that Sony may finally be gearing up for a PlayStation 3 price cut by the end of the year, with rumours suggesting that a reduction could be with gamers in time for Christmas, probably to coincide with the release of the PS3 Slim SKU.

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