US Air Force buys 2200 PlayStation 3s

Written by Joe Martin

November 24, 2009 | 13:00

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The US Air Force has announced that it has bought more than 2000 PlayStation 3 consoles from Sony to put to use in expanding a military research project based in New York.

According to Eurogamer the US Air Force is adding 2200 new PlayStation 3s to an existing array of 336 consoles already being used in the Air Force Research Laboratory based in Rome, New York.

The PS3s will apparently all get networked together and the Air Force will make use of Sony's Cell processor for military research in the fields of multiple radar imaging and high-definition video processing.

The most interesting application of all for the PlayStation 3 though is new research into neuromorphic computing. That's a new field of computing which tries to build PCs that can analyse information in ways similar to a human brain!

That's just the research they've seen fit to announce too, so who knows what other Top Secret plans Sony's console could be put to use on!

The PlayStation 3 isn't the only console getting interest from military concerns though. Just yesterday the UK intelligence body CGHQ announced it was going to start advertising on Xbox Live as part of a recruitment drive.

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