Valve building a PS3 development team

Written by Joe Martin

July 3, 2009 | 11:59

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In the past Valve hasn't exactly been the biggest fan of making games for the PlayStation 3 and, while it has released consistently high-quality games on the Xbox 360 and PC, the PlayStation 3 versions of Valve games are usually ported by publishing partner EA.

Valve might be about to turn that around though as Doug Lomardi has mentioned that Valve is now very "up on the idea of PS3 development" and is looking to hire a team of PS3 coders. That's a far cry from comments made by Gabe Newell last year, when he said that developing for the PS3 would be "a waste of everybody's time".

Speaking to Joystiq yesterday at a Left 4 Dead 2 press event in London, Lombardi said that Valve is now just waiting to hire a bunch of really talented PlayStation 3 coders before it starts developing for the console.

"If you look at The Orange Box -- PC: 96 on Metacritic, 360: 96 on Metacritic, PS3 like... 84 or something. That's not even close to where we are right now with the 360 and PC and the reason is people," said Lombardi.

"We have to get people under our roof who are dedicated, talented PS3 guys and then all bets are off. We can take the same sort of strides and get the quality out of the box and offer the same support post-launch on that platform, as well."

Joystiq then bluntly asked if Valve was explicitly looking to hire PS3 developers and Lombardi confirmed that, yes, Valve is always on the look out for talent. Let us know if you're going to send him a job application in the forums.
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