Portable Xbox coming next year?

Written by Ryan Garside

March 21, 2006 | 12:03

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Speculation is rife that Microsoft is working on a competitor to the Nintendo DS and PSP, to be released next year.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Bill Gates will be utilising the minds that bought us the Xbox and the 360 to create the new handheld with a rumoured release date of 2007 being thrown about. Fronting the project, allegedly, is J Allard, the man with the Xbox vision.

Microsoft’s quest for domination on all fronts will not make for pleasant reading at Apple, Nintendo and Sony. The new handheld being developed is not only gunning for gamers, but aims to steal away Apple's domination of the MP3 market, with a new service to rival iTunes - currently codenamed ‘Alexandria’ - in the pipeline.

Rumours that the handheld device will also play original Xbox titles are also floating around. Plans to release a handheld have been rumoured before, with a codename of XBoy being considered in 2002 when the 360 was in the planning phase. However, it seems Microsoft feels now is the right time to join in on the handheld market, with the opportunity to combine gaming and media into one package presumably accessible through our Windows Vista operating systems.

Well, if we believe the rumours, anyway.

The persistant speculation about a portable gaming device seems to imply that the 'Origami' PCs we saw unveiled at CeBit aren't the iPod-killer devices that Microsoft has been working on after all.

Would you buy a portable Xbox? Or are you too entrenched in your PSP gaming? Let us know your stance on the console wars over in the forum - but no fanboyism, please!
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