Prey Goes Gold

Written by Brett Thomas

June 29, 2006 | 14:20

Tags: #360 #gold #prey #release

Companies: #e3 #game

An announcement made by 2k Games and 3D Realms on Wednesday afternoon states that the first-person-shooter Prey has officially gone gold.

This statement is not too long after they announced the demo of five levels.

Prey is officially set to release to American consumers on July 11, with a European release set on July 14. Though our preview thoughts from E3 were mixed, many people seemed to enjoy some of the different concepts blended into the game, including the particular favorite of 'wall walking' and 'gravity flipping'.

The Xbox 360 and PC versions are scheduled to release simultaneously.

Have you tried out the demo, and can't wait for more? Or do you agree with Wil's opinion that it looks a bit too much like just another shooter? Walk into our forums and let us typing upside down, of course.
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