PlayStation 3 demo next week

Written by Geoff Richards

February 10, 2006 | 16:02

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Having stood everyone up at the recent Consumer Electronics Show - CES 2006 - in Las Vegas, it seems that Sony are finally going to bring out the big guns and publically demo PlayStation 3 next week. At least, that is the rumour eminating from the Far East.

According to the Chinese-language Commecial Times, Sony have booked a total of 80 booths at the Taipei Games Show (TGS) with 20 being dedicated exclusively for PlayStation 3.

It is not yet known what this activity will be but it is clearly a pre-emptive strike aimed at Microsoft, which will begin to market Xbox 360 in Taiwan on 16th March.

Speculation has been rife, with some suggesting that a quarter of Sony's entire space hints at something big, yet others including ourselves suspect it may be smoke and mirrors.

E3 in May is the biggest event on the gaming calendar and if there were plans to use the Taipei Games Show - itself the pretender to the TGS crown worn by the Toyko Games Show - for the first public playable demo, we think Sony would dedicate far more of their total space to their new flagship console.

Having spent who knows how many millions developing the powerful Cell processor, Blu-ray media format etc, would they seriously still dedicate 80% of their booth space to the decrepid PlayStation 2? We think not. Place your bets.

The Taipei Games Show starts on Thursday 16th February and ends on Monday 20th.
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