PS3 to feature online games service

Written by Tim Smalley

February 15, 2006 | 16:58

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It looks like Sony is set to launch an online games service with PlayStation 3 giving owners a similar set of services to those on Xbox Live, including chat, downloadable demos, independent games and online peer to peer gaming.

The service, which is likely to be known as PlayStation HUB, will support the PlayStation 3 and PSP online play. It's said to be a huge departure from the PlayStation 2's online strategy, which was vastly inferior to Microsoft's Xbox Live.

It's being described to developers as a 'subscriber service' suggesting that there will be some sort of fee for using the service, although there are no indications as to how much Sony Computer Entertainment will charge for the use of it.

An article on Next-Gen suggests that Sony's boss is pushing for all media content to be available over PlayStation HUB, opening up a powerful distribution network to rival the likes of iTunes.

Their sources also suggest that the console is currently scheduled for launch in September based on the current games release schedule. However, the schedule doesn't explicitly give a launch date for the hardware, but the sources are expecting to see the machine in Japan and US in September.

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